forrest, somewhere in surrey, england

west withering beach, england.
march 2014

traditional chinese market, beijing
july 2009

cityscape, shanghai
june 2009


weirdly, out of the 200+ photos shot on film in shanghai, this is the only one that got seriously damaged in the developing process. shame, as i really like it!

forbidden city, china
june 2009

summer chills
august 2011

photographing whilst drunk is a bad idea
february 2009

(side note: this film was actually shot along side an a-level photography project that i was doing for spontaneous portraits. it turned out to be better than my main projects film.)

passenger view
august 2012

city vs mountains
rio de janeiro - 2010

christ the redeemer
rio de janeiro - 2010

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce